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My baby: Fuji X-Pro1 (and the 35mm)

I just recently started getting into photography. It’s not an easy hobby on one’s wallet, especially when you’re dealing with Canon and want to buy top of the line glass.

IMG_20130117_130639Luckily for photo enthusiasts who want to take nice pictures, but aren’t willing or able to spend thousands of dollars for a full dSLR kit, the compact or mirrorless market offers plenty of good options. I recently decided to jump in myself, and although I briefly considered a Sony, I ended up buying the X-Pro1. I’ve had it for almost two months now, and I’m very happy with my purchase.

I was first introduced to the camera by one of my colleagues in Florida. I was blown away by the image quality. That’s what ultimately led me to make the purchase. Amazon was giving a $300 discount when buying either the 18mm or 35mm with the camera. I went with the 35mm, which is a 52mm equivalent on the X-Pro’s sensor.

It’s a camera that really does force one to focus on taking nice pictures. There aren’t a million settings to constantly be fiddling with, and the most important ones are instantly accessible thanks to all the dials. The JPEGs straight out of the camera are as good as I’ve seen on any camera, including my 5D Mark iii. The film various film simulations are each terrific in their own respect. If you shoot RAW, you have the option of processing in camera and making use of any of the other film simulations.


  • superb image quality
  • bokeh on 35mm is stunning
  • a nice and sturdy piece of kit
  • little noise at high level ISO settings
  • film simulation bracketing lets you shoot three at a time (although it’s slow)


  • no minimum shutter speed setting makes the auto-ISO practically worthless
  • battery life is not ideal when using LCD screen (not surprising)
  • much lighter and more portable than any dSLR
  • selecting focus point is a bit cumbersome
  • bracketing only works in sets of three
Pacific Panorama

Pacific Panorama

CONCLUSION: This is a great camera and I strongly encourage anyone considering it to just go out an buy it. The only reason not to: the settings on the new X100s suggest the next version of the X-Pro1 will be something very special. But until that time comes, this camera is a worthy investment. I’ve been walking out of my comfort zone with it and I will soon be posting some of the results. My next addition will be a lens with a wider angle, although I haven’t decided between the 18mm and the 14mm. Either way, I’m sure I won’t be disappointed… and I’ll share my impressions once I’ve used it a little bit. For now, I’m very satisfied with the 35mm.

All of these pictures were taken in Los Angeles when I first bought the camera.

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