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Views of Libya

"February 17 - day of dignity"

“February 17 – day of dignity”

This post is dedicated to the people of Libya.

It’s been two years since the ‘official’ start of the revolution that put an end of 40+ years of Gaddafi rule. Looking at the images of celebration earlier, I was overcome with nostalgia and wondered what had come of some of the people I’d met there.

Less than a year ago, I spent nearly a month in Libya as preparations for national elections were wrapping up. I was there to work in my capacity as a producer, but this was my first overseas trip with the 5D I’d recently bought. Needless to say, I was quite keen on using it whenever I could.

Pictured below are some of the people I met along the way. With the exception of the first two children, I know that everyone you see here had their lives radically changed by what was set in motion two years ago. They include displaced children from Tawergha, ex-rebels (most of whom were then in charge of security in the capital), an amazing artist, a father and son whose dinner invitation I had to refuse, and the daughter of a couple who asked me to take her picture.

Boy in Car

Take her picture please


Tawergha Girls

Head of Operations

Head of SSC in Tripoli

Cool Dude


Mr Zintan

Mr Magic

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