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Around Adams Morgan

For the most part, the last few weeks in Washington DC have been cloudy and dim. This season is the one that makes wish I was living somewhere else. To make matters worse, I’ve had a nasty cold that’s left me smitten for about two weeks. I haven’t really been shooting that much for those two reasons. But I did what I could when I went on errands and scavenging for food.

This post includes some of my preferred photos from the past couple days. All of them were shot RAW on my X-Pro1 and custom processed in Lightroom. Because of the cloudiness, there were little to no shadows to speak of. And since most of the captures lacked much color (even in Velvia), I decided to make use of the various VSCO Fuji film presets I have at my disposal.

Despite the bad weather and poor lighting, I got a couple shots that I’m really feeling. No doubt – rainy streets always help. Also, shooting strangers is slowly getting less daunting. Although I got caught a few times, I was pleased with the results in both instances.

DC Public Phone

Adams Morgan Alley Gate

Hairdresser caught me looking

Rainy Day in Adams Morgan

Beer Time

OG Lady Crossing Street

Too Young

I know what girls like...

Mother & Daughter

Bus Stop

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