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Attack of the Drones

The Atlantic is calling this the most terrifying drone video yet.

They may be right. The video is over four minutes long, but well worth watching. Produced by the Air Force, it shows animated sequences of miniature drones that are being designed and will no doubt soon be in use. Watching the video, it becomes clear that the ideal use for the type of machines showcased is in an urban setting (foreign or domestic).

Proponents of the technology are quick to point out that it’s meant to be used by the military. That’s all very nice, but it doesn’t change the fact that drones are already being used domestically. It’s also worth keeping in mind that many technological advancements made by the military soon filter into civilian life and the private market (i.e. at a store near you… or even better, on the internet).

Needless to say, the title of this post is far from original. In fact, Al Jazeera’s People in Power recently ran a short documentary by the same name. It provides a deeper glimpse into the industry, one which is popular in several countries outside of the United States. Death by drone may be the Obama administration’s favorite method of murder, but it’s not alone. No surprise certain people say that’s a good thing.

Of course, the main victims of drones are innocent civilians overseas, but that doesn’t seem to matter much in the grand scheme of things. Even killing US citizens with drones is now condoned, with precedent. The ways of war are changing.  That’s easily apparent, even to those of us with no military experience.

But what’s most worrisome is the proliferation and advancement of this technology, and it’s use on civilian populations. This has already started, and what lies ahead is not very reassuring.

Stay tuned.

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