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The ClothThere’s a lot you can do with Photoshop to make your work better. There are a variety of different adjustments that can be made to touch up images and make seemingly average photos stand out from the rest. It’s a shame the program costs so much. Adobe obviously knows how central it is to the workflow of thousands of loyal customers.

There are all sorts of artistic effects that can also be applied in Photoshop. The most effective tend to be the most seamless, but sometimes the ‘fake’ effect is not meant to be concealed. Whether combining elements from various images to make one work of art, or utilizing layers to transform a single image into something entirely different, Photoshop opens up the door to a new creative process that begins in post production.

This post includes some of my kaleidoscope images. The name and the style speak for themselves. It shows one of many techniques possible with Photoshop layers and blending options.

DCCT kal

CTN kal

VM kal

CHI kal

BEY kal

UTAH kal

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