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Constructing images

Sometimes you can find ‘beauty’ where you least expect it.

I took my camera out on the streets yesterday, but for some reason I wasn’t feeling terribly inspired. The weather in DC is still nasty as it has been for a while now. In addition to being cold, it’s cloudy and gloomy most of the time. I look forward to the spring, but until then, I need to make do with winter weather.

But yesterday things weren’t coming into place for me like I wanted. It didn’t help that I was missing at least a layer or two on my upper body. I decided to return home earlier than I would have otherwise. There’s a construction site at an abandoned building a block away from where I live. Even though I’ve only gotten a few nice shots there in recent weeks, it’s a regular stop of mine.

Builder's Seat

When I walked up there yesterday afternoon, my attention turned to two unimpressive construction units that seemed to have been languishing there for a while. I focused my x-Pro1 on them and started firing away. There was something about the grease and the dirt that I found interesting to look at and photograph. Despite the poor lighting, I feel like I came away with some nice shots. These are my favorite ones from the shoot.


Dozer Claws





Dirt-crusted Wheel

Machine Joint

Greasy Joint

Dirty Hinge

Made in the USA

All of the images above are Fuji X-Pro1 RAW captures that were processed in Lightroom using VSCO Fuji film emulation presets. I’ll be doing many similar shoots in the future. I would have stayed at the construction site longer if it wasn’t infested with rats!

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