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Earlier this month, I posted some pictures of construction equipment near an abandoned building in my neighborhood. I’d shot the images on an otherwise ‘unlucky’ day but managed to find beauty in the seemingly ugly. I need to do more of that…

The other day I was parking my car in another part of the neighborhood near a roadwork construction site. These ‘eyesores’ can be seen all over DC and they’re responsible for some of the bottleneck traffic jams we’ve grown so accustomed to. Over the weekend, there was nobody working at the site, so I decided to take some pictures.

These are my favorite ones. They were shot on my X-Pro1 and processed in Lightroom using VSCO Fuji film emulation. While I often prefer the colors from the in-camera film options like Velvia and Astia, for some shoots, such as those at construction sites,  I like the VSCO look, especially FP-100c.

Orange Work

Orange Metal


Big Wheel


Gas Tank

Other Hook

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