My Shopping Experience

My mother’s been in town for the past week or so. It’s great having her around and I’m ‘happy’ to spend time doing things that make her happy… even when that means helping her indulge in one of her favorite activities.

Of course, I’m talking about shopping! Every now and then that means groceries or something else with tangible benefits for me. We saw some movies and ate at a few different restaurants, but we also visited more retail stores than I can count. I’m not complaining though, the quality time with mom was great.

But since I’m not really big on shopping myself, when my mother is in one of her shops, I’m often outside doing something else. I took advantage of the moments I had by taking a few pictures whenever I could. The ones below are some of the ones I like best. All of them were taken with the X-Pro1 and 35mm lens.

When I was younger, my coping mechanism for these shopping escapades was to hide in the clothing racks. A little maturity, some patience and a nice camera goes a long way.

Hotel Window


Shopping in Spade

Art Store

Whole Foods

Oh Joy!


Zero Dark Thirty

AMC Mazza

Pavillion Escalators

I can’t wait to hit the streets again…

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