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Fuji Flowers – Velvia JPEG vs. film emulation

I dedicate this post to my mother who is probably boarding the plane right now getting ready to return to Beirut. She will be missed. I already posted once about our adventures during this last visit of hers. She might not appreciate what this post is all about, but she likes flowers, so hopefully she’ll like this too.


f/1.4, 1/50 ISO 800, VELVIA JPEG

One of the first pictures I took with my X-Pro1 that I really liked was of orchids at my aunt’s house. Needless to say, when I went to the flower shop with my mother the other day, I was instantly drawn to the orchids. I took pictures of other flowers too, but orchids are really fun to shoot with this lens wide open.

As the title suggests, this post is about comparing and contrasting images processed in-camera with those processed in Lightroom using VSCO film emulation. Depending on the image details and the choice of film presets, the differences can vary greatly. As you’ll see below, some pictures look very similar while others are markedly different. They come in sets of two – first VELVIA, then VSCO – and they’re labeled. I recommend you view the images fullscreen by clicking on the first one and launching the slideshow – that way you’ll have a better appreciation for the points of contrast.

The VELVIA shots were processed in-camera using that film simulation setting. I also tweaked other settings here and there, differently for different images. Other than resizing slightly, I didn’t do anything else to the JPEGs that I downloaded from the memory card into my computer.

The others images are RAW captures processed in Lightroom using VSCO Fuji film emulation presets, which serve as my baseline. That’s my normal workflow. As always – unless otherwise noted – I tweak quite a few other settings to my satisfaction. I choose whichever preset works best for the specific image, and then I take over from there.

If you liked the pictures and you have an opinion on how they differ (or don’t), please let me know by taking a second to fill out the poll below. Thanks in advance. And if you like polls – here’s another one you should look at!


10 thoughts on “Fuji Flowers – Velvia JPEG vs. film emulation

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  5. very nice pictures. i find velvia mostly more appealing, but when it comes to red’s or pink, i find that velvia add’s too much saturation to it … to my taste at least 🙂

    • perhaps you’re right… some of them are a bit too red/yellow for my tastes. I should try processing them as Astia or something else. Thanks

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  8. Of course nothing like film. Ken Rockwell says colors not up to good level yet on this camera. (He invented the color chip for digital photog). Ever tried R E A L vevia 50?

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