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VSCO ‘Consumer’ film emulations

I started playing around with VSCO film emulation a little over a month ago. But up until recently, I only experimented with the Professional folder in the third pack (as well as presets from the other two). I assumed the Consumer pack would be practically useless, but as the pictures below show, I was probably wrong.

I’ve previously posted examples of presets modeled after film from Fuji, Kodak, and Polaroid. Most of these pictures were processed with PX film presets. The last few are expired Time-Zero Polaroids. All I did was apply the preset to show what different ‘starting points’ are available.

As always, the first image is the unprocessed file. The subject was chosen for the color scheme, and the variations seem to be more apparent than my previous posts of the same nature. I’ll be putting these presets to use in the near future on pictures I actually care about… and putting my personal touch on them. Stay tuned.

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