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It’s in the air!

I love the spring. Surely I’m not alone…

The weather in DC truly blows most of the time.The only exceptions come in spring and autumn. I took some pictures two weeks ago on ‘the first day of spring’ but it was cold and windy, plus there wasn’t much to shoot. It just started getting really nice outside though, and the buds are definitely blooming now.

I went out with my Canon 5D Mark III yesterday. I bought a 100mm macro lens for it several months ago, but up until now, I hadn’t really used it to shoot flowers. My tripod didn’t make the trip though – both a good and a bad thing. Shooting handheld at 1:1 wasn’t always easy given how windy it was. I often had to hold a stem with my left hand to try and stabilize the shot I was taking with my right. It worked… sometimes.

There’s a relatively small window of time through which to shoot spring blossoms and flowers. Different ones also bloom at different times. Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to get out of DC and shoot more flowers soon. If I can make it to Shenandoah National Park for example, that might be ideal.

All of these pictures were taken right around the corner from my apartment building in Adams Morgan. They were all processed in Lightroom with VSCO film emulation, although the presets I selected were similar to the original capture. I also applied my customary tweaks. Only two of the photos below look markedly different from the RAW image – one due to vignetting , and the other due to film emulation (specifically Polaroid 690 Cold +).











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