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Still playing with infrared…

Thanks to some helpful people online, I’ve been learning a bit more about infrared post processing lately. I’ve also learned that if I want to get the best possible results, I need to convert my camera to use it exclusively for that kind of photography. I’m not ready to do that just yet, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

On my first attempt at infrared photography, I only went so far… But clearly there was a lot more that could have been done in post. My biggest problem was not being able to cool my pictures down enough using the white balance settings in Lightroom. Once I figured out how to fix that problem, the door finally opened up.

The pictures below might seem familiar to anyone who frequents my Flickr page. They were all hampered by white balance issues prior to my discovery of custom camera profiles for Lightroom. I still need to play with them in Photoshop, but I like the way these images look now, especially the first one. The very last one gives a hint of the potential shots I can get at sunset with infrared photography – notice the yellow hues in parts of the sky.

Looking forward to more of this, especially now that spring is in the air. I’ll continue to focus on more conventional photography, but I will try to keep my filter close by at all times so I can get more infrared to play with. It’s fun.

Infrared Rock Colored

Infrared White Tree

Infrared Tree

Infrared Gate

Infrared Street

Infrared Flowers & Stairs

Infrared Hour

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