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Cherry blossoms – part 2 of 4 (5D Mark III)

My ‘primary’ camera on Monday’s Tidal Basin shoot was the Canon 5D Mark III, one of the main reasons being the versatility of the lenses. As opposed to the 53mm equivalent my Fuji lens gets me, with my Canon I have a 17-105mm range and the ability to shoot 1:1 macro. A fellow photographer suggested I buy an extension tube yesterday – I’ll have to do that before I take my dSLR kit on the road again.

Sunny Blossoms

This was my first ‘real’ shoot with the 5D since I bought a macro lens, and I like what having it adds to my workflow in the field. The shots in the gallery below are in relative chronological order. I started with my wide angle zoom, before going macro. I then brought out the 24-105mm (with polarizer) and came back with the wide angle (once my Fuji was on the tripod). The Speedlite was nice too, although I didn’t use it as much as I should have.

All of these images were processed in Lightroom using the 5D camera profiles, some slightly more so than others, but nothing drastic. There’s little doubt that while I love my Fuji X-Pro1, I wouldn’t get rid of my dSLR just yet – my Mark III produces fantastic photos and is very easy to use.

The next post in this cherry blossom series of mine will feature either infrared photographs taken with my Fuji or HDR images shot with my Canon… all from April 8. Stay tuned!

Part 1 of 4 can be found here.

11 thoughts on “Cherry blossoms – part 2 of 4 (5D Mark III)

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  3. Your shots are beautiful! It’s amazing what a difference two days can make. I was down by the Tidal Basin on Saturday and there were less than half a dozen trees in bloom but Sunday and Monday’s warm weather really provoked a burst of new flowers. I can’t wait to go down later this week and check the out!

    • It was great on Monday and I’m sure it’s only getting better! If it wasn’t so crowded, I’d be more keen to return, but I do hope I get to back this season.

      Thank you so much for you kind words and for stopping by.

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