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More flowers (VSCO)

The other day I went out with my 5D to shoot some flowers. I was on the hunt for bees… but I had no luck with that.  I did walk away with some keepers though, two of which form the foundation of this post. I really love my macro lens and I’ll be writing a long overdue review sometime soon.

I was planning on posting a series of shots showing different flowers. But as I was playing around with my RAW captures in Lightroom, I decided to do something else. I’m only posting two shots, but I’ve processed each one of them in a number of ways. There are a total of 12 images – six variations of each one.

I captured the images in RAW. The first of each was processed in Lightroom without the aid of any external software; the other five were processed with VSCO film emulation presets. I’ve included a note indicating which preset I started off with. I made some additional adjustments, but I didn’t tweak the colors.

While the ‘original’ version for each capture looks great, the VSCO versions are also nice… some more so than others. I don’t generally like pictures that look ‘fake’ but there’s something neat about these different film emulations, and it comes out nicely with flowers. I’m thinking of going on the hunt again next week.

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