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Paris… in B&W

On my way back from Lebanon, I made a brief stop in Paris. I hadn’t been outside of the airport there since 1997.

I only stayed for a total of three nights… it was supposed to be four, but I fell victim to something in Lebanon towards the end of my trip there. I hope to be back soon.

Paris has to be one of the most impressive cities I’ve ever been in, and it’s a real shame that I hadn’t been for so long. I didn’t do anything too special on this visit… I basically walked around until my feet felt broken. The weather was mostly cloudy with occasional rain showers, but I still I took a bunch of pictures in my short time there.

The title of this post is pretty self explanatory. All of these images were shot with my X-Pro1. I had both my 35mm and 14mm lenses with me, and although I took my tripod, I forgot the plate to attach my camera with. Everything was handheld. In my next post featuring color images, you’ll notice why a tripod would have been useful.


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