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My first time in Mississippi

This is my first time in Jamaica, and I’m sure that I’m having a great time!

But there have been a few other firsts recently. I missed a few good photo opportunities on my first visits to Arkansas and Alabama. While that was also the case in Mississippi, I did get the chance to get a few nice shots while I was there. Most came on my first day on a short walk from the nice B&B we stayed at.

We were in Natchez on assignment, wrapping up a story about unsolved murders from the civil rights era. I could have easily spent days of my personal time there walking around and taking pictures. It’s a place well known for it’s old antebellum homes. Here are a few examples near where we were staying.

Up the Street

Somewhere in Natchez

Golden Reflection

Golden Reflection II

Walking along the Mississippi

Golden Mississippi

I can’t wait to go back to Mississippi… and see the crappier looking parts!

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