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Good to be home

As I was wrapping up my recent trip to Jamaica (pictures soon), I told my friends that I was actually looking forward to going home. Never before have I been in the Caribbean and actually wanted to go home… but then again, this was my first (personal) trip to the region, since I moved to Miami.

Of course, my friends were not that eager to go back to DC, the bad weather there didn’t help things.

But my situation was different – the prospect of having a couple of weeks uninterrupted in Miami was one I had understandably embraced weeks ago. But as luck would have it, as soon as I logged in to check my work email, I found out that I had to take another long trip overseas.

I’m already looking forward to coming back here again.

I like being home. Especially with all the time away I spend from this ‘paradise’ who can blame me?

New Year sunset viewed from my balcony

New Year sunset viewed from my balcony

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