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My first time in Texas

Towards the end of December, my team took a trip to east Texas to tell the story of a community concerned about living near the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. Although the Obama adminstration has yet to decide on the northern leg of the project, the southern portion goes into  operation today.

These are just some of the pictures I took along the way. Although they are all B&W, people’s position on this project are not. Big energy extraction is part of everyday life for many who live in this part of the country. But there is no question that a leak or spill could be catastrophic for this delicate environment full of wetlands.

I sincerely hope that the predictions of the people we met don’t pan out (they say it’s just a matter of time before the pipeline bursts). Unfortunately, they are probably right.

I have a bad feeling that I’ll be forced to return for all the wrong reasons, but I hope to make it back to Texas sometime before then.

I’d flown in and out of the Lone Star State before, but I never actually left the airport. Although I will make every effort to avoid flying into the nightmare that is Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, I did enjoy my tine in Texas. Once again, my colleagues reminded me that I may have seen the best part of the state, but I have a feeling there is a lot more to see there.

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