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On the farm

Big OrangesThere’s nothing like a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Try as they might, boxed and bottled versions of the vitamin C cocktail always pale in comparison. Nevertheless, the price of the staple breakfast drink have gone up steadily in recent years. Demand might be down, but a crippling disease known as citrus greening has been wreaking havoc on groves across the country. Florida has been hit especially hard.

We recently went out to see how orange farmers are dealing with the problems facing the multi-billion dollar industry. Everyone is worried, but not everyone is handling things in the same way.

Most large scale farmers are doing their best to maintain. They have the resources and support to weather the storm. A recent boost from the federal government through the Farm Bill was understandably well received.

But for smaller scale farmers, the costs of fighting citrus greening often prove too high. Some have turned adversity into opportunity. The pictures below were all taken at the Lake Catherine farm, where they decided to plant blueberries at the expense of their increasingly threatened citrus crop.

Dustin's Farm

Blueberries and Oranges

Sun on the Farm

Farm Flower

Blueberry Bee

Budding Blueberries

Rows of Blueberries

Better in person...

Shed in Sh!##y Light


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