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Eurotrip via Hipstamatic

I just got back from a rather long trip. It started off in Libya (work) before moving on to Europe (play) and then DC (work/play). If you don’t already follow me on Flickr, Instagram and Facebook, you probably should. I’ve already posted lots of photographs there.

I’ll post some more pictures here from Libya and Europe a bit later, but for now, here are some from Holland, Belgium and Germany that I took on my iPhone using the Histamatic app.

Looking Down on Leiden

It all started in Leiden where my friend lives. As you can see, the view from his balcony is pretty nice.

Sunset in Leiden

Of course, there were lots of these…

When in Holland...

I even tried to eat some cheese, but could barely get past a little bite.

Eating Gouda

We spent three days waiting for my suitcase to arrive from Libya so that we could start the road-trip.


So one of those days we took a quick trip to the Hague.


One of the best things about Holland has to be the fried fish… and the Hague did not disappoint. But the stuff from the market in Leiden is much better – actually some of the best I’ve ever had.


Back in Leiden later that night, the ‘Turkish Pizza” doner sandwich this guy made nearly killed me!


After over a day of struggling to recover, we set off for our journey. First stop: Rotterdam (a couple hours).

Somewhere in Rotterdam

We then booked it straight to Bruges in Belgium, a lovely place I look forward to revisiting.

Bruges by Night

The next day we climbed to the top of that tower. This shot was taken on the way up.

Climbing up...

By the time we were ready to leave, we were both looking forward to the next stop.

Leaving Bruges

But by the time we got to Brussels, the sun was already going down.

Hello Brussels

The next day I got to know the city better. I loved it.


We made a couple stops on our way to Germany.

Off the Beaten Path

We crossed the border right before sunset.

Sunset in Germany

By the time we made it to Cologne, it was already dark. Notice a pattern?

Cathedral in Cologne

Once again, we got to know the city a bit by night.

Somewhere in Cologne

We ended up driving to Amsterdam… but my phone had died by then and I’d lost the charger… so no pics to share yet. You’ll have to wait to see what I got with my camera (or check one of the three links above).

Back in Leiden, I was able to charge my phone again.

Across the Rhine

Needless to say, I’m already looking forward to the next Europtrip.

Leaving Leiden Again

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *



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