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Random shots #12

The last few years have been exceptionally busy. There’s never a dull moment at work, and I’ve been trying to get away as much as possible when I have some time off.

But I have been stingy and I haven’t been sharing much. With the exception of friends and family who received one of my calendars for the holidays, as well as my (few) Flickr followers, I haven’t really been sharing anything at all. So here we are…

I’m not sure if this blog will ever recover the few followers it once had, but I will endeavor to keep sharing. Barring a few exceptions, I’m not planning on doing much retroactive posting though. So, to bridge that gap a little bit, here are a few photos from various places across the US that I’ve taken over the last few years (I’ll put up pictures from overseas and those from Florida separately). Enjoy!

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