I was born in Wisconsin, but my parents whisked me back home to Lebanon several months later. We lived there for a few years during the civil war. Beirut is  where I learned to walk and talk.

The year after my sister was born, we all moved back to the US, this time we settled in Northern Virginia. I spent 5 years there in the mid-early 80s, before we all moved to Africa. We spent two years in Abidjan and another two in Casablanca. We returned to the US in the early 90s and lived together right outside DC for nearly 10 years.


salt rocks

I studied psychology at the University of Maryland in College Park after deciding I didn’t like where I was in Toronto (I only lasted a week there). I lived at home for the first two years and commuted, before my parents moved to Egypt and I got my own place in Prince George’s County. I lived there for about three years before moving to Silver Spring. I had to spend five years there and another five back in Virginia before I finally made it into Washington DC. After two years I managed to make my escape from the DMV and am now happy to be living in Miami Beach.

I’m a journalist working with a well known international broadcaster. I have an ear for music and I like to make it. I like to take pictures too. I also like to think critically. That’s a big part of my job and who I am.

I speak three languages (English, French, and Arabic) and I’m working on a fourth (Spanish).

I enjoy traveling and seeing different things. This website will serve as a much needed creative outlet and a place for me to write freely. Any opinions expressed here have no link to my work or any of my other affiliations. My views are my own and mine alone. You’re welcome to share them with proper attribution. The pictures are another story. Unless otherwise is specified, everything here is mine and subject to copyright protection.

Thank you for stopping by


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