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Simple pleasures

I miss having a washer and dryer inside my apartment… After procrastinating for a few days, I went down to the laundry room a little while ago with a basket full of dirty clothes. There was someone already in the room, and he tried opening the door for me, even though it was already open. But … Continue reading

Fuji vs. Canon – Gallery Poll

Fuji vs. Canon – Gallery Poll

POLL: My two main cameras are both things of beauty with different strengths and few weaknesses. See one example below (shot within minutes of one another). Both were similarly processed, although they were shot with different settings. Which do you prefer? Please take my picture poll. Thanks in advance! Continue reading

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It’s been 6 months…

Exactly six months ago, my former colleague Bashar Fahmi was travelling on assignment in Syria when he was caught in a crossfire that led to the death of another journalist. Bashar and his cameraman were kidnapped. While the cameraman was released two days later, nobody seems to know anything about Bashar’s whereabouts. His friends and family … Continue reading